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I am an software engineer and author with strong communication skills. I describeand solve real-world problems using modern software tools. I have worked in the computer industry for a long time. I studied math as an undergraduate at Harvard.

In addition to being passionate about technology, I am a health strategist. My interest in food and nutrition led me to study at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I cultivate health through food and action, by helping people set and achieve health goals for themselves; by advocating for real and healthy food; by educating people and communities about health, wellness, and food; by empowering people to retake control of their food; and by authoring my blog, Feed Me Like You Mean It.

My specialty is fermented foods. I love them because of their variety, their flavor, and their salutary properties. I teach classes, lead workshops, organize festivals, and make videos on the topic of food fermenting. Some of my fermentation-related writing can be found in the fermentation thread on my blog.

Real Food Fermentation, my book about fermented foods, hit the shelves in June 2012.

My second book, Kombucha, Kefir, and Beyond, coauthored by Raquel Guajardo, has an official publication date of September 1, 2017.

Bicycles are my preferred means of urban transportation, when at all possible. I've practiced yoga for a while. I source my food from local producers and farmers' markets when I can. I served on the board of the Boston Public Market Association, which launched a year-round, indoor market in Boston selling exclusively local food.

I believe that the key to creating sustainable and healthy food supply chains throughout the world is for each of us to demand real food, local food, and healthy food.

I would like to create innovative tools to transform people's experience with food, health, and sustainability, and to help them navigate the glut of "content" the media bombard us with in the form of advertising, cooking shows, documentary films, government reports, summaries of medical research, and so on.

My passion, committment, and expertise are what ultimately enable me to translate ideas into real-world solutions.