Alex Lewin

phone: +1-415-596-7613


7/12/2017-present FareHarbor (San Francisco, CA)
Senior Developer. Working on APIs for reseller and payment processor partners. Serving on ad-hoc engineering hiring committee. Etc. Python, Django, Postgres, AWS.
2016-2017 Prosper (San Francisco, CA)
"It's like OkCupid for unsecured loans."
Staff Software Engineer. Automating a strategic, high-volume workflow with finance group. Primary responsibility for spec, design, architecture, test, implementation, and deploy integration. Python, Flask and Flask-Admin, nginx, SQLAlchemy, Docker, jenkins, make, pandas and numpy, postgres, MS SQL Server. Unifying engineering scheduling and workflow automation tools. Acting as python, unix, and automation consultant across eng organization. Serving on eng hiring committee, architecture review board, and company culture committee.
2015 Booktrope (Seattle, WA)
"It's like OkCupid for book publishing."
Engineer. Book publishing workflow. Ruby on Rails.
2014-2015 (Palo Alto, CA)
"It's like OkCupid for investing in private companies."
Lead Backend Engineer; Systems Engineer. Data models and APIs for investments. Integration with third-party service providers (Docusign et al.). Python, django, postgres. Agile. Remote management of datacenter servers.
2011-2014, (San Francisco, CA)
Senior Software Engineer. Mobile apps, backend and APIs, network and systems engineering tools, scalability, and infrastructure.
2010 Foodily (San Mateo, CA)
Software Architect, Nutrition Czar. Social recipe search website with rich user experience. Data architecture, backend, and nutrition strategy. Python, django.
2004-2005 Ames On-Demand (Somerville, MA)
Consultant. Systems architecture, design, programming, and administration.
2004 Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)
Instructor, CSCI E-13, Practical Perl. Intermediate-level programming course in perl. Topics included but were not limited to: systems programming; web programming; and software engineering and maintainability.
2002-2004 Smartleaf (Cambridge, MA)
Senior Systems Engineer. Computer software that helps portfolio managers invest their clients' assets. Infrastructure engineering; system and network administration; and architecture, design, and programming of a financial market model. C and perl.
1998-2002 Yahoo! (Santa Clara, CA)
Technical Yahoo! (Yahoo! bought Viaweb, my previous employer.) I worked on Yahoo! Store and Yahoo! Shopping: integration with the rest of the Yahoo properties; search functionality; internationalization and localization; capacity planning; disaster recovery; and special projects. FreeBSD, perl, C, bash, ssh, etc.
1997-1998 Viaweb (Cambridge, MA)
Senior Software Engineer. I held primary responsibility for Shopfind, Viaweb's online shopping search engine. Shopfind operations included crawling and indexing shopping web sites, and search using a proprietary scoring algorithm. C and perl.
1993-1997 VideoGuide (Bedford, MA)
Senior Software Engineer. Our product was an electronic television program guide set-top box. Data updates were sent on the 900MHz pager band. I worked on both the device firmware (256KB RAM, MC68000, Nucleus RTOS, C) and the information broadcasting system (SunOS, C++, Sybase, perl, etc.).
1993-1993 PowerOpen Association (Burlington, MA)
Engineer. We strove to create a binary-compatibility standard for PowerPC/Power unix versions.
before 1993 Kendall Square Research; GCC Technologies; GW Instruments.


  • Veteran unix and web programmer
  • Years of experience designing and implementing backend, quality, scalability, testability
  • Python stacks and ecosystem, git, bash, AWS, make, rails, C/C++, perl, etc.
  • Server and hardware administration; disaster recovery and high availability
  • Expert knowledge of food preserving and preparation, sustainability, and holistic health; good knowledge of other areas of food and sustainability
  • Undergraduate training in mathematics
  • Expert writing ability; strong communication skills
  • Lots of ideas about company culture

Food And Health

2017 Kombucha, Kefir, and Beyond (book)
Author. Fermented drinks.
July 2012 Real Food Fermentation (book)
Author. Preserving whole fresh food with live cultures in your home kitchen.
2010-present Alex Lewin, Health Coach
Health Coach. I help my clients set health goals and achieve them.
2009-present Feed Me Like You Mean It (blog)
Author. I write a widely-read blog about food, health, and sustainability.
2009-present Food Preserving Instructor
I have lead classes, demos, and workshops in food preserving at Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and at conferences, festivals, and other venues in the US and Mexico.
2008-2016 Boston Public Market Association (Boston, MA)
Board Member. We created an indoor, year-round local food market serving the Boston area. It opened summer 2015.


2010 Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York, NY) Health Coach
2005-2006 Cambridge School of Culinary Arts (Cambridge, MA) Professional Chef Program (honors in lab)
1986-1990 Harvard College (Cambridge, MA) AB in Mathematics (cum laude); National Merit Scholar; John Harvard Scholar; Harvard College Scholar.



things with two wheels, health and nutrition, yoga, writing, music, sustainability, triathlon, travel, cooking, eating, photography, speaking French imperfectly, earnest desire to save the world